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As a full-service print provider, we work based on your individual vision.

Our portfolio ranges from high-quality custom products and short runs for private individuals to large-scale productions for companies. Depending on the project, we put together customized end-to-end solutions for you.




Object foliation

Enhance objects with all-over adhesion. Films are not only aesthetic, but also quick and invisible to apply. Most surfaces are suitable for this type of foliation whether in the private or commercial sector. Our services include the custom design and lettering of products according to your CI. Shop windows, fronts or other surfaces thus become the perfect ad space, without the need for drilling or screwing.

  • Perforated foil // Shield from unwanted looks, yet provide good visibility outwards
  • Solid color foil //Perfect for laser cut design
  • Milk glass foils // Opaque yet with high light transmission
  • Adhesive films with individual design // Create effective advertising spaces


Tinting films for vehicles

Tinted car windows provide efficient protection from sunlight and prying eyes. Depending on the film type, you get efficient heat and UV protection for noticeably cooler temperatures and lower energy consumption. In addition, films provide anti-shatter protection in case of accidents and glass breakage, which significantly hinders break-in attempts. More protection, easy to upgrade, suitable for any car.

  • Sun protection films // with and without tinting


Vehicle wraps

We set the scene for your vehicle or fleet. Individual wrapping is an easy way to add a unique design to cars, vans, bicycles or trucks. In addition, the branding of your fleet through vehicle wrapping is a comparatively inexpensive advertising opportunity for your company. The wrapping protects the original paint from chipping, scratches and unforeseen weather conditions - the material can be removed without leaving any residue. Our extensive portfolio ranges from unique effect wrapping to single-color and full-surface color prints in high quality.

  • Complete wrapping // Single-color or 4c digital prints plus lettering or motif wrapping
  • Partial wrapping // Single-color or 4c digital prints plus lettering or motif wrapping
  • Effect wrapping // Full or partial wrapping in unique looks such as carbon, metallic, matt or glossy


Sun protection films

Sun protection films are an excellent protection against heat and glare. They also effectively absorb rays, thus providing UV protection. Our sun protection films can be effortlessly applied and removed from a wide variety of window types - the films are therefore suitable for offices, store windows, business exteriors and also private living spaces. Durable for many years, they also help reduce energy costs.

  • Exterior and interior assembly // In various designs and made to measure
  • Anti-glare and tinting films // Large color and shade selection
  • Reflective films // The perfect privacy screen
  • Maintenance-free and easy to clean // Including professional assembly


Werbetechnik Folierung
Messe- und Eventfolierung


Posters and billboards

Billboards, posters, city lights or individual outdoor advertising - the possibilities are nearly endless. We produce weatherproof and UV-resistant print products for outdoor use as well as high-quality and color-intensive prints for indoor use. Create maximum visibility for your company. We're happy to advise you on special poster and billboard formats. 

  • Outdoor advertising // UV-resistant, waterproof, weatherproof
  • Indoor advertising // Intense and brilliant color reproduction
  • Art prints and high-quality photo posters // Large selection of formats and materials


XXL Print products

Large-format printing opens up new perspectives to put your services in the public eye. The wide selection ranges from large-scale advertising installations to complete facade designs, XXL advertising towers, tenter frames and much more. We not only handle the production but also the planning and assembly of large format advertising, along with the obtaining of permits and the building of necessary barriers. Equally, we determine what means are necessary for assembly according to safety protocols.


Event and Trade Fair Equipment

As print and advertising professionals, we provide you with everything you need for your next trade fair appearance or upcoming corporate event. Trade show and banner displays, adhesive labels, LED light boxes, booths, extensive supplies and much more are effective and necessary eye-catchers. The more eye-catching, the longer visitors will stay at your booth - so there are hardly any limits to creativity when it comes to design. We plan your professional appearance with you from A to Z and take care of the assembly of your trade fair and event equipment.


Vitrinen folieren
Schilder & Bannerfolierung



Show who you are and what you bring to the table: Effective indoor and outdoor signage will attract more attention and will make sure you are seen. Do you need a custom-made company sign or have a very specific idea for your new advertising campaign? We produce signs in all shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Choose from a wide range of materials such as acrylic, aluminum composite, hard or light PVC foam sheets, twin-wall sheets, plexiglass and many more.

  • High-resolution UV direct print // Direct printing sheets
  • UV protective lamination // Varnishing
  • Foil plotting // Foil print
  • Routing // Laser cutting



We offer a wide variety of banners for individual purposes. Our product range extends from banners made of PVC, display material or mesh to blockout banners as well as beach flags and flags. High-quality one-offs and small runs are just as possible as large runs and quantities for your event or upcoming trade fair. We produce according to your individual specifications - contact us and we will be happy to advise you on design and size.

  • PVC // Durable and highly versatile
  • Display material // Robust yet lightweight, perfect for detailed prints
  • Mesh // Permeable to light and air and weatherproof, ideal for outdoor use

Textile Print

Textildruck auf Arbeitskleidung
Textildruck auf Arbeitskleidung


Advertising print

Textile merchandise is an effective way for companies to make a lasting impression. Depending on the printing technique and materials, different results can be created, such as bold designs, delicate embroidery or simple logo prints. Our textile printing excels in color-intensive results, high-quality printing processes, and long-lasting results.

  • Screen print & transfer print // Perfect for large quantities
  • Embroidery // Fine and long-lasting results
  • Flock transfer printing // Printing results featuring a slightly raised feel


Work & Safety Clothing

Individually designed clothing sticks in peoples' minds and ensures a professional appearance among all employees. At the same time, your brand is carried outward. Our services range from printing classic workwear such as T-shirts, aprons, polos and formal shirts to more sophisticated materials such as protective and safety clothing.

  • Flextransfer print // Robust and durable results
  • Reflective vinyl print // Optimal for safety clothing


Leisure wear

You would like to customize individual pieces or have a whole series printed for an upcoming wedding-eve party or the next sporting event? Custom designed T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters and much more - we also print textiles for you individually. In any case, we will provide you with brilliant print quality for any occasion - fast and efficient.

  • Digital textile print // Ideal for single pieces or small quantities

Häufig gestellte Fragen:

Welche Vorteile bieten Folierungen von Gebäuden, Schaufenstern und Büroräumen?

Folierungen von Gebäuden, Schaufenstern oder Büroräumen bieten viele verschiedene Vorteile: zum Beispiel verbesserten UV-Schutz, die Reduzierung von Hitze in Innenräumen, mehr Privatsphäre, eine tolle Optik, Werbeeffekte und Schutz vor Kratzern oder Beschädigungen.

Welche Arten von Folien können für die Gebäudefolierung verwendet werden?

Für Gebäudefolierungen können verschiedene Folienarten eingesetzt werden. Beliebt sind unter anderem Sonnenschutzfolien, Splitterschutz- und Sicherheitsfolien, Dekorfolien, Sichtschutzfolien oder Folien zu Werbezwecken.

Wie lange hält eine Gebäudefolierung in der Regel?

Wie lange eine Gebäudefolierung hält, lässt sich nicht pauschal sagen. Das hängt von verschiedenen Faktoren ab, wie zum Beispiel der Art der Folierung, welchen Wetter- und Witterungsbedingungen die Folie ausgesetzt ist und mehr. In der Regel halten hochwertige Folierungen aber mehrere Jahre.

Beeinflusst eine Folierung an Schaufenstern die Sicht nach innen oder außen?

Schaufenster-Folierungen können die Sicht nach innen und außen beeinflussen. Es kommt hierbei vor allem auf die Art und das Design der Folierung an. Die Durchsicht kann durch transparente oder perforierte Folien teilweise erhalten werden.

Gibt es spezielle Folien, die die Energieeffizienz von Gebäuden verbessern können?

Ja, es gibt energieeffiziente Folien. Sonnenschutzfolien oder auch Spiegelfolien tragen aufgrund ihrer Beschaffenheit zu einer Reduzierung der Wärme in Innenräumen bei und können das Energieeffizienz-Niveau von Fenstern optimieren.

Welche Schilder-Arten können bedruckt werden?

Schilderdruck ist sehr vielfältig. Es können ganz unterschiedliche Arten von Schildern bedruckt werden. Gängige Schilder zum Bedrucken sind beispielsweise Werbeschilder oder Hinweisschilder, aber auch Namens- oder Firmenschilder sowie Baustellenbeschilderungen werden häufig angefragt.

Welche Materialien eignen sich am besten für bedruckte Schilder?

Je nachdem, ob Schilder für den Außen- oder Innenbereich benötigt werden, können andere Materialien in Frage kommen. Vor allem Acryl, Aluminiumverbund, PVC, Holz oder Polystyrol werden häufig für den Schilderdruck verwendet.

Welche Drucktechniken werden für den Schilderdruck verwendet?

Abhängig vom gewünschten Erscheinungsbild kommen für den Schilderdruck häufig Techniken wie UV-Direktdruck, Siebdruck oder Digitaldruck zum Einsatz. Auch Gravuren sind möglich.

Wie lange dauert es in der Regel, bedruckte Schilder herzustellen?

Die Produktionszeit für bedruckte Schilder variiert je nach Art des Schildes, der Komplexität des Designs und dem Arbeitsaufwand. In der Regel dauert die Herstellung von bedruckten Schildern ein paar Tage. Größere und umfangreiche Aufträge können auch mehr Zeit beanspruchen.

Kann man eigene Designs oder Logos auf Schilder drucken lassen?

Ja, in den meisten Fällen können eigene Designs, Logos oder individuelle Grafiken auf Schilder gedruckt werden. Es ist ratsam, die spezifischen Anforderungen und Dateiformate mit dem jeweiligen Schilderdruck-Dienstleister im Vorhinein abzustimmen.

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